Reiki treatments

What to expect

The entire reiki healing session takes about 60-90 minutes. Most reiki healers use massage tables with proper head support, while others use a chair (which works well for head and shoulder treatments).reiki-healing

During the session, most people feel the heat coming through the healer’s hands into the parts of the body that lack energy. Many patients feel strong heat, and some feel tingling sensations.

I had a friend who was scheduled to have a surgery on her lower abdomen; when I gave her reiki, she felt such strong pulsation (which she described as reiki-healing “electric”) that she was very surprised.

What actually happens during the session?

As a reiki practitioner, I like to think of myself as an instrument or a conduit, and the healing energy flows through my hands to the person receiving reiki. I don’t need to concentrate, but just relax. It’s good to remember that as reiki healers, we are simply instruments for transmitting the healing energy, and that energy will reach the parts of the person’s body where healing is needed.

If you already have a symptom that has been bothering you (i.e. backache, shoulder pains, etc) it is best you inform the practitioner so that s/he can concentrate on the areas with pain. If you simply wish to try reiki, that is perfectly fine too.

Waves of energy

My reiki teacher explained by drawing descending waves. At the beginning of the session, the first waves-of-energywave of rather strong energy flows through, and the healer (and often the receiver) would feel the heat or tingling sensation in the palms.

Once the first wave recedes, the second wave comes, but not as strong as the first wave. Then the third, fourth, fifth and so on, and the heat becomes lesser and lesser.

Deep relaxation

Many people fall asleep during the session and wake up feeling totally relaxed, refreshed and energized. They usually say “that felt like only 10 minutes” after a 60-minute session. What usually happens is they get a deep relaxation, and not just a nap. It is like having a good night’s sleep in an hour.

Blood circulation

The session ends with short massage called ketsueki koukan (blood circulation) which helps to awaken the client after lying down for the reiki treatment. It is one of the very important part of reiki as it not only re-energize the client’s body but it feels great! The Hayashi Reiki Manual gives step-by-step explanation on how to do it, with photos.

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