About me

Hi everyone, I’m Ayako and the founder of japanesereikihealing.com. Reiki has been an important part of my life over the past 12 years. I’m Japanese-reiki-healing-about-meoriginally from Japan, studied in the US and UK, worked in Singapore, Malaysia, East Timor, Afghanistan, Italy, and now I live in Denmark. Reiki — the simple hand-healing technique — has kept me and my family healthy for all these years, and I can’t imagine our life without it.

I created this website to share my knowledge of reiki and how it can help restore your health and keep you healthy. I will share with you how I learned reiki, and how it has helped me over the years.

It started suddenly

It all started back in 2004, when I began working for an international organization in Rome, Italy. A couple of weeks into my new job as an emergency operations officer at a large humanitarian organization, I woke up one morning with strange discomfort in my throat. It was as if I was being strangled, and I had difficulty breathing. Since I didn’t know anyone in town, I couldn’t call anyone, and I ended up staying in my apartment the rest of the weekend feeling worried.

After the weekend, I went straight to the medical center. I spoke to a nurse about my condition, and she checked my blood pressure and ran some tests. She couldn’t find anything abnormal, but referred me to a doctor to be on the safe side; the doctor also couldn’t find anything wrong and concluded that my condition was due to acute stress. The tightness in my throat went away after a couple of days, but I continued to feel afraid that it could happen again. Many “what ifs” crossed my mind over the next few days. What if I stopped breathing, and what if that happened in the middle of the night when I was all alone, etc…?

As much as I was terrified, I also felt a strong urge to do something about my health and manage my stress.

Searching for ways to restore my health

That same week, I walked into a bookstore and saw a little book titled “Reiki” on the bookshelf. I had heard of reiki, but I didn’t know what it meant and what it was all about. So I picked it up, and skimmed through it. It was full of beautiful photos that appealed to me but I also learned that reiki came from my home country, Japan!

After reading the book, I was so intrigued that I wanted to give it a try. I looked for a local practioner in the yellow pages and called the reiki therapist listed. Her office happened to be just down the street from where I lived.

My first reiki experience turned out to be something completely unexpected. I felt like my whole body was wrapped in a warm air bubble, and I became totally relaxed — both physically and mentally. That sensation continued after the session, and while I was walking home I felt like I was floating in the air, like an air balloon bouncing softly off the ground.

My next two sessions were different from the first: when my therapist put her hands behind my head, my body started shaking, as if energy was trying to flow down my spine from the top of my head. My therapist thought I was crying, and I thought she was shaking her hands. After each session, the results were the same– I felt total relaxation, and I became physically and mentally calm.

Becoming a Japanese reiki practitioner

I decided that I want to learn more about reiki and become a practitioner myself so that others could also experience the calm and peace within from receiving reiki and restore their health. I read books and attended seminars in Rome, but the more I learned, the more questions arose. As some of you may know, reiki uses symbols, but many western reiki books or teachers don’t know the meaning behind these symbols. There are also words and phrases in Japanese, but again, without much explanation.

Mr Mikao Usui (1865-1926) founded reiki in Japan. One of Mr Usui’s trusted students who became a well-known reiki healer and teacher was Dr Chujiro Hayashi.

During one of my vacations back in Japan in 2005, I discovered that Mr Tadao Yamaguchi from Kyoto was teaching a three-day reiki seminar. His late mother learned reiki directly from Dr Hayashi. When I attended Mr Yamaguchi’s seminar, everything became clear. My questions were answered during the seminar, and I came to trust and respect reiki more than ever. I also fell in love with its philosophy and the simplicity of it.

I also learned that since reiki has spread globally, many explanations have been altered and/or misinterpreted. So I want to clarify and demystify what is, and what is not, reiki, and how it can help you. I want people to benefit from this traditional Japanese healing method as I have and I continue to feel its benefits on a daily basis.

Feel free to drop me a line and I’d be very happy to respond as much as I can!


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