How can you learn reiki?

There are many courses offered around the world, but I suggest receiving treatments from different reiki healers first. Talk to practitioners and find out their thoughts on reiki and health in general. I attended “western reiki” courses before I attended a reiki seminar offered by a Japanese teacher in Japan, because when I read about reiki, there were so many Japanese words and symbols which didn’t make sense to me or were symbols without any clear explanations.reiki-ying-yang

Jikiden Reiki seminar

In 2005, I attended my first 3-day Jikiden Reiki seminar taught by Tadao Yamaguchi in Sapporo. Those 3 reiki-ying-yang days were an eye-opening experience for me, and many things became clear and demystified. The seminar offered a good balance of lectures and practices, very practical in nature with plenty of time to ask questions. In addition to offering courses throughout Japan, Mr. Yamaguchi travels around the world and teaching the same courses (usually one day longer, due to translation into local language(s)).

There are Jikiden Reiki teachers around the world, and seminars are offered in different locations throughout the year teaching the same materials. You can check out the upcoming seminar schedule on the Jikiden Reiki official website. There are also experienced teachers offering courses worldwide, and you can check out their locations and websites for upcoming schedules.