Distance reiki healing

Japanese-reiki-healingDistance healing, really?” was my reaction when I first heard about distance reiki healing.  When you attend a reiki training seminar, quite some time is spent on practicing distance healing, both sending and receiving.

When I attended Jikiden Reiki training, we were divided into two groups on either side of a curtain, and people in one group sent healing to a partner in the other group, sitting on the other side of the curtain.

There are standard steps we follow to send distance healing. Symbols are used and they are like codes or phone numbers you dial to get access to the other person.

During the practice, I asked my partner to send me distance healing around my stomach area, and after five minutes, I could actually feel warmth in my stomach. Likewise, I sent reiki to my partner’s lower back, and she said she felt warm energy on her back.

So what is this distance healing ‘thing’?

It’s difficult to explain scientifically, but I think it works like a prayer, a form of care and love. If you are a parent, you know the love you always extend to your child. You probably felt that too from your parents, grandparents, partner, close friends and pets.

It’s that sincere care that manifests in a form of energy that reaches the person you want to help. It’s that unconditional love and caring heart that heals others.heart

2 thoughts on “Distance reiki healing

  1. I truly believe in the power of energy and that we all have the ability to send it out to help & heal others. Right now, unfortunately, I’m going through a tough time in my life. I’m doing all I can to stay positive and move forward. It’s just I feel I’m not exuding my normal “sunny” energy. I was wondering if you have any tips? Thank you, Kristi

    • Hi Kristi

      I have been where you are myself and I think I understand what you’re going through. I also think it’s perfectly acceptable for us to feel positive sometimes and not so positive at other times and acknowledge that feeling rather than trying to push it away (even though that would also be a natural reaction).

      Without knowing your circumstances, if you haven’t tried already, I’d suggest trying these things:

      1. “News fast” – we’re bombarded by news every minute, and most of the news are not-so-nice events and often make us angry or sad or both. Give yourself a break and switch offf from print or online news for a few days and see if you feel differently.

      2. Go for long walks preferably in nature and try walking on a regular basis at least 20-30 minutes a day.

      3. Try eating vegetable-based meals and fresh fruits and try to take a break from caffeine and sugars. First couple of days may be challenging but your body will adjust.

      Having said the above, if you’re already getting professional help in your local area, I would suggest seeking support locally.

      I’d love to hear how things go. Please take good care.

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