How can reiki help with stress?

Reiki is a great alternative medicine

antistressAs I described how I discovered reiki under “About Me“, I was suffering from acute stress at the time I worked for an international humanitarian organization in Italy over 10 years ago. I did go to a doctor, and he did suggest the option of prescribing a medication for me, but he told me to wait and see for a while. I also wanted to find other ways to overcome stress without resorting to medication.

You don’t need to take pills or any other substances

Reiki turned out to be an easy, simple way to relax, restore health and regain energy. I could see the positive effects immediately after my first session, but that evening I slept so well, and that relaxed feeling remained the next days. I had similar experiences every time I went back to receive reiki. I had never experienced anything like it before, except maybe when I was on relaxing vacation on the beach or in the mountains.

Relaxation on many levelsReiki-relaxation-on-many-levels

When I receive reiki, I often fall asleep during the session, and when I don’t fall asleep completely, I could feel that every part of my body relaxes, then my mind slows down and eventually becomes still. That is when the deep relaxation takes place and the body is able to regain the energy that it needs to live a healthy life.

Often, when we sleep, the body may be asleep, but if the mind is worried about something or regretting about past events. you cannot completely rest, so you’ll wake up in the morning feeling groggy and still tired.

It works with many other symptoms

Reiki is not just for stress reduction. It works with major and minor physical and mental symptoms including major diseases, and many hospitals and hospices now offer reiki as alternative medicine, and pain reduction. Reiki is especially good for those recovering from surgeries and operations. When you go for a reiki session, do mention your conditions so that the reiki healer can focus on those areas of your body which need healing.

But remember…

Reiki is complimentary to mainstream western medicine, and if you are receiving medical attention, it would be important to continue to consult your physician. This is true especially if you have fractures and broken bones and require immediate medical attention. After you receive proper medical treatments, reiki can help facilitate the healing process.

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