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Tips on what to expect on your first reiki session

  • Find a quiet salon: when you receive a reiki healing, the healing salon should offer peaceful environment that allows so you to be completely relaxed during and after your session. Some reiki healers like to play music, but music is not for everyone, so if you prefer silence, you should tell your preference to the healer beforehand.
  • Keep your clothes on: when you receive reiki healing, you do not need to take your clothes off as the healing energy penetrates through clothing. It would be good to take your jacket off (so your jacket won’t get wrinkled) or loosen your scarf or belt so that you feel more comfortable around your neck and waste.
  • Find out the fee beforehand: there should be a market price for a fee where you live. If there is more than one reiki healer in town, I suggest you check the hourly rates of what healers in the area charge. If it too high or too low (unless the person is new and offering a promotion) you may want to think twice.