Reiki and happiness – can reiki bring good luck?

Can reiki bring good luck or happiness? This is a good question worth contemplating reiki-and-happinessand exploring.

We need to think what “good luck” and “happiness” mean to you, and what makes people happy and are the true measures of people’s happiness.

What is true happiness?

I ask this question, because over the years I’ve come to realize that what appears to be “bad luck” including stress and illnesses, which may be the cause of “unhappiness”, may actually be the result of unhappiness.

As the saying goes “everything is mental”, if you have the healthy mental attitude toward yourself and other around you, your body will also reflect that positive attitude and become healthy. On the other hand, if you are always negative and critical about yourself and your surroundings, your body will most likely reflect that negativity and your health may deteriorate.

But furthermore, experiencing an illness may actually lead to deeper discoveries of oneself, and that discovery could very well include gratitude for your given circumstances and happiness.

Everything happens for a reason

As I’ve written on my “About me” page, back in 2004 I was struck by an acute stress which resulted in tightness in my throat and I had trouble breathing for several days. This shocking incident led me to think seriously about my health and rethink about my lifestyle, which then led me to reiki.

Reiki opened my eyes to a whole new world of healthy living, which also brought peace of mind andreiki-and-happiness gratitude of being born, being alive and being without pain or suffering.

I’ve come to believe that every illness happens for a reason, and when we come to face that illness and try to understand the cause(s) of it, we then become more humble, grateful and happy.

So the question “can reiki bring good luck or happiness” is a good question, because the answer can be yes or no. Reiki, as it has for me, can restore health and bring happiness, but only because I decided to look into the causes behind my stress and do something about it.

Had I not investigated deep within myself, I may still be suffering from severe stress and may even be taking medication for it. Instead, I have resorted to healthier lifestyle, including regular maintenance of myself both physically and mentally such as diet, exercises and meditation.

So I think reiki has a lot to offer, a whole new world in fact, but it is up to you to take a step forward to listen to your inner self and discover the new world.

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2 thoughts on “Reiki and happiness – can reiki bring good luck?

  1. I’m looking for ways to increase my luck factor and happened upon your post here. It really caught my interest.

    One of my sisters is into Reiki and Feng Shui, but I don’t really know a lot about either.

    I think you are right when you state that certain things can be a result of unhappiness rather than the actual cause of unhappiness. This is a really interesting and informative read.

    • Hi Darren

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear that you’ve found my post interesting. I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness and good luck/good fortune, and I’ve come to realize that everything is pretty much in our hands. When we see things in positive light, even “bad luck” becomes a positive lesson in life (although you may not realize it until later on). In Japan, people believe that words carry energy, so if you discipline yourself to only use positive words (both spoken and written) and avoid negative words, more and more positive things (including luck and fortune) will follow. It takes a bit of mental discipline but it works!


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