Reiki as a complementary therapy

Reiki is a great healing technique that is practiced around the world. In this post I will discuss how reiki complements other alternative healing therapies and how it works well with health practices which you may already have, including regular western medicine.

I’ve now been practicing reiki since 2004, but I’ve also used other healing methods and alternativereiki-as-a-complimentary-healing medicine, including:

  • acupuncture
  • chiropractor
  • Chinese medicine
  • vegetarian diet
  • meditation
  • singing bowls
  • yoga, etc.

As a matter of fact, most of the reiki practitioners I know combine different healing methods and healthy diets. People who offer massage or aroma therapy may combine reiki into their session. While reiki is a great healing technique, it does not offer very much advice on exercises or diet, other than to eat in moderation.reiki-as-complimentary-healing

I have practiced yoga for over 20 years, and it has been important part of my daily life. It gives me the energy, flexibility and physical and mental well-being.

From time to time, I do strain my body, in my neck or back, and I do seek help from my acupuncture therapist or chiropractor.

When I have a cold or other illness, I resort to herbal or Chinese medicine to the extent possible. Drinking warm water with ginger, honey, lemon, etc.

Do an “exchange” with other healers

If you are a reiki practitioner, it may be worth considering of having an “exchange session” with someone who practices other forms of healing. I used to do this with a friend who is an extremely skilled acupuncturist. Once a month, she gave me acupuncture and in return I gave her a reiki session, and we both benefited greatly. (This is unfortunately on hold since I gave birth.)

We also referred clients to each other. She had clients who were afraid of needles or looking specifically for reiki healers, and I referred clients who were looking for acupuncture.

As I’ve written in my previous posts, reiki works great with western medicine too. It acts as a reiki-as-a-complimentary-healingpreventive medicine, but it also compliments your western medical treatments and helps with the healing process and restoring balance. When you fall ill, it is best to consult your physician and receive a diagnosis. If necessary, get second and third opinions.

I firmly believe in the power of alternative medicine, but I also know that reiki is not the only alternative healing. It is definitely one of effective methods available.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

2 thoughts on “Reiki as a complementary therapy

  1. Noyce! I’m glad to see reiki gaining more traction. I am very familiar with reiki, and even tried it on a few friends before. I went to a meditation school where I learned reiki, yoga techniques and spiritual science among other things. Reiki is still rather new in modern societies so bartering health services with a reiki session is a great idea! Please keep the amazing health tips coming 🙂

    • Hi Vince

      Thanks for your comment! I’m so happy to hear that you’re very familiar with reiki, yoga and other healing techniques. It’s great that alternative healing community keeps growing!


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