Reiki as a remedy for fever (“genetsu-ho”)

In my previous posts, I have shared that reiki works for various ailments such as stress, back pains, psychological issues, etc. In this post, I will write about reiki works well also for fevers. In Japanese, we often use the word “ge-reiki-as-a-remedy-for-feversnetsu” (解熱) which literally means to breakdown the fever.

Fever is often a sign that your body is fighting an illness caused by an infection (bacteria or virus), so although it is not pleasant to be feverish allow your body to fight by enhancing the natural flow of the “ki” into your body. However, it is recommended to consult your physician, especially if the fever persists.

Key treatment areas for a fever

According to Frank Arjava Petter’s “This is Reiki” (p. 243 ), there are 5 places where you give reiki when you have a fever in the order of:

  1. forehead
  2. temples
  3. back of the head
  4. neck
  5. throat
  6. top of the head
  7. stomach
  8. intestines.

As a principle, you always start with the head (about 30 minutes or more), then treat the stomach and intestines (10-15 minutes). Petter also advises to give additional 15 minutes of treating the kidneys to help the body to get rid of the excess temperature.

Focus on the head area

When you have a fever, the most likely place you’ll feel it is the head, so it is fine to reiki-for-fevergive reiki to the head alone. When my son has a fever, I try to give reiki on his head, but he doesn’t like to sit still for a long time, so I wait until he is a sleep then place my hand on his forehead or on the top of his head. I also give reiki to his stomach area.

This is not reiki, but as a general rule, remember to drink lots of water, but remember to drink enough water, but it should be warm or luke warm water (Chinese medicine) and never cold or ice water, although it may be tempting.

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