Reiki as relief for allergies

This spring/summer I suffered from pollen allergies pretty badly for the first time in a long time. I’ve had bad allergies when I was a teenager, but I haven’t had bad allergic reaction to trees and grass in a long time. Reiki-as-relief-for-allergies

I bicycle to work every day, and as soon as I step outside, my eyes started to feel itchy, nose became runny, throat scratchy. Only after I came home and I washed my face, nose and goggled I felt better. I also felt tired at the end of the day but I couldn’t sleep well at night as I coughed so much when I lied down.

How does reiki help with allergies?

Reiki can help relieve allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose and sore/scratchy throat. The key hand positions when treating allergy symptoms, which can include headache, itchy/watery eyes, runny or stuffy nose/sinusitis, itchy/scratchy throat, coughs, etc.

Following hand positions can help relieve the pain or pressure for each part of your face and head. The below can be applies both for self healing and treating your clients. I recommend that you keep the hand position for at least 10-15 minutes and preferably longer until the pain/pressure lessens.

  1. Head – head is the key position for starting reiki healing for both physical and psychological problems. Place the hands over the forehead and the top of your head and leave your hands for at least 10-15 minutes, until you can feel the byosen (read my post on “byosen” here). You can also place the hand on the back of the head for as long as comfortable.
  2. Eyes – cover the eyes with the heels of your hands. Again, leave your hands for 10-15 minutes or for as long as needed.
  3. Nose – place the fingers of both hands on either side of the nose as if you are blowing your nose, or pinch gently the top of the nose between the eyes. Also give reiki on the forehead to relieve sinus headache.
  4. Throat – place one hand across your throat and another hand behind your neck, and observe the byosen.
  5. Chest – place your hands over the chest either one above the other or place one hand on the chest and the other on your stomach. This is generally a very calming hand position and helps relax the body.

Western medicine vs. herbal medicine

People often resort to strong quick-fix solution by taking anti-histamine in tablets, sprays or drops when they are suffering from pollen allergies. I went to my doctor (GP) recently and was diagnosed as having grass allergy. The doctor prescribed a nose spray and eye drops with anti-histamine and steroids and she told me to use them just once a day as they are strong medicine. I was hesitant to use such “strong” medication when I didn’t even get a proper allergy test, so I didn’t pick up the medication, and instead, I consulted my acupuncture therapist who is also a herbal medicine specialist.

Her diagnoses was that I had too much humidity in my system. Apparently in Chinese medicine, allergies are caused by excess Reiki-as-relief-for-allergieshumidity in the body, and to reduce the humidity, it is recommended to avoid dairy products, sweets, raw, cold and fatty foods from your diet.

You’re what you eat

This made total sense to me. I had been consuming milk, cheese and ice cream more than usual, eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits (raw), and cooking deep fried foods like french fries and tempura, which are very tasty but also fatty.

She gave me herbal medicine for allergies (nose and eyes) and for lungs (for cough) and after a few days, while I continued to give myself reiki self healing whenever I could whenever I had free hands, and my symptoms disappeared and I was back to normal.

If you are suffering from allergies and wish to try alternative healing and meditation, give reiki a try.

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