Reiki for arthritis – can reiki help heal arthritis pain?

Recently, I gave reiki to a seven-year-old girl who has been diagnosed with arthritis in both of her hands and wrists. She reiki-for-arthritishas been taking medication which is often given to cancer patients, and which gives multiple side effects, such as nausea, headaches, etc.

After being on the medication for a few weeks, she still had pain in her fingers and writs, that it hurt for her to bend her fingers and move her wrists.

I have given her four sessions so far, and after each session, there was positive response— that she was free from pain and could bend her fingers and wiggle her wrists.

During each session, I could feel strong byosen which is somewhat like heat that was almost throbbing, and I knew that the ki (energy) was flowing. This is always a good sign as when there is byosen and energy flow, I know that there is restorative healing going on. (You can read more about “byosen” here.)

Reiki-for-arthritisIn reiki practice, byosen is very important—I’d say byosen is everything. If there is byosen, there is hope. Byosen, to me, indicates that there is energy flow into the areas of the body that need the healing energy. If there is no byosen, it is either the place is perfectly healthy that it does not require any healing energy, or so ill that there is no room for healing energy.

During the first session, one of her hands felt so warm that she said to her mother “my hand is sweaty”. At each session, I gave her reiki on each hand for about 20-25 minutes and each time a different part of her fingers and wrists gave byosen.

The great thing is after each session, she could bend her fingers and writs without experiencing any pain and she looked relaxed overall.

This is the most rewarding part of being a healer…a transformation.

She has not resorted to taking painkillers yet, and hopefully she doesn’t need to take any additional medication. And hopefully by the time she completes her medication she will be healthy and free of joint problems. There are other alternatives to prescribed medication.

Reiki is totally safe alternative healing method which is safe for all ages, including children. (You can read more about “Reiki for children” here.)

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