Reiki for children – safe and effective home remedy

In my recent post, I wrote about “Reiki during pregnancy” and how it’s totally safe (read the post here). In this post I’ll share how reiki is totally safe for children too.

reiki-for-childrenMy reiki teacher, Mr Tadao Yamaguchi, told us that when he was growing up, his late mother, Mrs Chiyoko Yamaguchi, cured all the illnesses of Mr Yamaguchi and his brothers, whether they were scrapes, fever or stomachaches.

Not only did she care for her own children, but whenever she heard that a neighbor was ill, she would rush to the neighbor’s home, offered reiki, and healed the person.

From my own experience, children love the touch of their parents and they are comforted when they are hugged or held, especially when they’re not feeling well.

Children, especially when they are babies or toddlers, often cannot sit still even when they are sick. So reiki-for-childrenwhen my son was small and became ill, I often waited until he was asleep and gave him reiki on his head, heart or his belly, depending on the illness. This way, I used as little medication as possible and relied on his own immune system.

Alternatively, giving distance healing is just as effective for small children, even if the child in the same room. This way, he can play or walk around, and receive reiki at the same time.

reiki-for-childrenReiki is effective for many symptoms, including fever, runny nose, cough, stomachache, diarrhea, joint pains, cuts and scrapes.

Reiki works well with mainstream western medicine, and if your child requires medical attention, it is recommended to continue to consult your physician. This is especially true if your child has fractures or broken bones and requires immediate medical attention. After receiving proper medical treatments, reiki can facilitate the healing process.

If you have any comments or experiences you wish to share, leave them below this post.

2 thoughts on “Reiki for children – safe and effective home remedy

  1. Reiki is safe for children and animals, definitely! I use it on my cat when she’s unwell. My only reservation about messages like this is that people might use it instead of recommended medical care, instead of in addition to it. Reiki definitely stimulates the immune system and kickstarts healing, but there are come conditions that do require actual medical supervision and we should always remember that our intuitions are never guaranteed replacements for the years of education and experience undertaken by our physicians. Just my two cents!

    • Hi Penelope

      Thanks for your comment once again! I fully support your views and I believe western and eastern medicine compliment each other and they work well together. My recommendation would be to go to an experienced reiki healer who is able to detect the “byosen” of the client (I’ll be posting on byosen soon, but for now I’d call it “tension”), rather than someone who just got certifiied, just as I would rather take my child to an experienced physician rather than someone who just graduated from med school:). But your point well taken, and hopefully reiki healing will continue to be offered in hospitals and hospices!

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