Reiki for pets

Reiki is not just for people, and it can help your pets and other animals too! reiki-for-pets

If you already know the specific problems of your pet, the reiki healer can lay the hands directly on that spot, but some animals may be reluctant to be touched by strangers. In that case, distance healing becomes handy. See my separate post about distance reiki healing.

Reiki as pain reduction

reiki-for-petsOld animals with multiple problems may have pain all over the body. In such case, I lay my hands where it could help ease the pain and relax the most, i.e. behind the neck, lower back, stomach, etc.

My aunt had a dog for many years and when the dog became old, she couldn’t eat much and could barely move. I gave her reiki as much as I could, but she didn’t want to be touched and she would walk away. I then gave her distance healing whenever I could. A few days later, she passed away during her asleep peacefully.

Reiki as preventionreiki-for-pets

As with people, reiki can be used for animals as preventive medicine. There are reiki practitioners who specialize in animal healing. Regular maintenance of your pets’ well-being could possibly prevent any potential illnesses or detect any physical problems early.

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2 thoughts on “Reiki for pets

  1. I have heard that Reiki healing works wonders with pets and the post says the same. However, I’m a level 1 healer, can I give Reiki to my pets and how do I understand if it has worked on them or not.
    That is the only thing that makes me wonder if Reiki is actually helping with them or not.

    • Hi shrey, thanks for your comment and a very good question. My best humble advice would be to “trust” in your abilities and give your pets (and people) reiki as often as possible. Because, after all, practice makes perfect. Besides, who (or what pet) wouldn’t want to be touched tenderly by their owner and receive full and undivided attention and love?:)))

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