Reiki music – how does it help?

Technically, there is no such thing as “reiki music” as tradition, and when I learned reiki at Jikiden Reiki reiki-music-sunsetseminars, there was no music during practice. That doesn’t mean you can’t have music during your reiki session, whether you’re receiving or giving reiki.

With or without music?

I have received reiki treatments both with and without music. I have also had massage treatments and attended yoga classes with and without music, and they both work for me, especially if I resonate with the music being played.

Having music during your reiki treatment is a personal preference, and if you are receiving reiki, you should tell the practitioner in advance if you prefer not to have music, and if you do, the type of music you may wish to hear (if there is a choice).

What kind of music?


In the past, I have used classical music, new age healing music, yoga music and so called reiki music. When I was practicing western reiki, for a while, I’ve used reiki music which had a tone of a bell every 3 minutes so you knew it was time to move to the next hand position. While I found it useful to time myself at the beginning, after a while, I started relying on my own timing.

I personally like soft instruments so I won’t end up listening to lyrics when I am receiving reiki. But most of the time when I give reiki, I ask before the session whether the client wishes to hear music or not, and if yes, what type of music. Most of the time, people would rather not have any music and they usually fall asleep during the session.

reiki-music-singing-bowlI have a reiki healer friend who is a yoga teacher and also offers Tibetan singing bowl healing. She has a set of seven Tibetan singing bowls which she combines with her reiki healing. This combination also works well and the sound helps her clients to relax deeply and feel refreshed afterward.

If you are searching for music to download, there are many great music you can download at reasonable price. Below site offers a number of music downloads and you can listen to the sample before downloading.

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