“The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui” – a must read

The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui is not a thick heavy book, but rather a concisethe-original-reiki-handbook-of-dr.-mikao-usui book, but with wealth of information and over 80 photos of various hand positions, which are extremely useful for reiki practitioners, as well as those who are only interested in reiki.

It is not a sort of book where you read it once and put it away, but refer to it over and again for as long as you’re a reiki practioner.

It is written by Frank Arjava Petter who is one of the highly respected reiki healers and teachers in the world. His thorough research in Japan of the materials that were passed down by reiki masters is organized and categorized neatly into this handbook.

The book is especially useful as it offers:

  • How reiki was used traditionally when it was originally founded by Dr Mikao Usui
  • Three pillars of reiki, including the importance of meditation
  • Buddhist background and origin of hand healing
  • Images of different hand positions
    • For key body parts: head, throat, lungs, heart, liver, stomach, intestines, bladder, uterus, kidneys, etc.
    • For key illnesses and symptoms: headaches, respiratory disorders, digestion, cardiovascular problems, blood, kidney issues, skin problems, childhood diseases, female issues, etc.

If you are a reiki practitioner and don’t have a copy, I highly recommend that you get a copy.

Title: The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui

Price: US$9.99 from Amazon.com

If you already have a copy of the book and want to share your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you too! Please leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on ““The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui” – a must read

  1. I was attuned to Reiki energy back in the early 90s. A friend suggested I have a session and it felt SO good, and SO relaxing that I immediately wanted to be able to share it with others so I found someone willing to attune me to this energy. I must confess, I’ve not used it in a few years, but it really does work. Thanks for the post and reviewing the book.

    • Hi Jackie, thanks for your wonderful comment! It’s always good to hear from people who have experienced reiki and its benefits. Once you’ve received reiju (attunement) you have it for life, so if you ever decide to practicing again (or just on yourself) you can do so. It is the testimonies like yours that’s important to convince others that it does work!

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