Useful reiki tools and supplies

The beauty of reiki is that you don’t need so many things to give or receive a treatment. But there are a few useful reiki tools and supplies that are good-to-have that I’d like to share.

Massage table

The first thing I purchased when I started giving reiki in Europe is a massage table. It is comfortable both for the client and the healer, since a proper massage table has a cushioned head rest with a hole, and a hand rest when the client is facing down.

The height of the table is adjustable which is handy. It folds in half so when I’m not using it can be folded and stored standing up, and it comes with a bag so that I can bring it to clients’ homes if needed.

I’ve written a post titled “Massage table review” with massage tables of varying specs, including some useful tips. Read the post here.

Japanese “zabuton” cushions


Japanese Buddhist Meditation Cushion Cover (Zabuton) from Amazon

When I give reiki in Japan, I usually put 3-4 flat cushions (called zabuton” in Japanese) on the floor and I give sitting down on the floor. This is how reiki used to be given traditionally, and it’s a lot easier than lugging your heavy massage table if you are giving reiki at clients’ homes.

Zabuton is something every Japanese home would have, and its cotton filling makes it comfortable to sit on, especially on hard floor. Many zabuton come in beautifully designed fabric.

 Japanese “tenugui” towel


The Moonlight Cherry, Tenugui Made in Japan from Amazon

Tenugui is a Japanese gauze towel which is a multi-purpose cloth used as hand-towel, kitchen towel, bandanna or wall hanging, as many of them come in beautiful prints. They are thin rectangular cotton cloth and is perfect for covering the head and the eyes during the reiki session.

When you give reiki on the head or over the eyes or ears, it’s nice to have a hand towel over the eyes, but regular hand towel can be thick and fluffy. Japanese towel is perfect size and thickness for this purpose.

Because you use it to cover the head or the eyes, I recommend that you get a pure cotton, wash it at least once before use, as tenugui usually comes well-starched and the material might feel hard.

Blanket or large bath towel

I give majority of my reiki sessions while the client is lying down, and it cotton-blanketwould be good idea to cover the person as the body temperature can drop even if the room is kept warm. I prefer to use a large cotton bath towel that can cover the whole body.

Blankets are also fine, but wool blankets can get too wam, so I personally prefer cotton covers.

Incense (optional)

I love the smell of incense and I often burn incense sticks or scented candles at home, but this isinsence optional especially there are people who don’t like the smell of incense.

If you already know that the client likes incense, burn before the session, air out the room and leave a faint scent in the room. You want a nice gentle fragrance but not a smoky treatment room!

I have created a post “Incense recommendations –  fragrance for relaxation“, introducing different types of incense, and you can read it here.

Music (optional)

I’ve discussed about the use of music in one of my posts (read my post on Reiki music), this is a reiki-music-instrumentspersonal preference to use music. If you (as a healer) like to use music, check with the client before the session whether s/he would like to have music during the session. Even if the person likes music, I would turn the volume low to help with the relaxation.

Warm tea or glass of water at the end of the sessionjapanese-tea-set

It’s always nice to end a session with either a cup of warm tea or water. Reiki can have detox effects and by taking in clean water or tea helps eliminate toxins from your body. It’s nice to have a small cup of tea to wrap up the session with a feedback. It’s good to hear how the client felt during and after the session, and it’s helpful to also offer feedback on anything you as a healer noticed during the session.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

6 thoughts on “Useful reiki tools and supplies

  1. I have never experienced Reiki healing but it does sound very relaxing and beneficial to alleviate stress and make you feel more at ease.
    I looked at your article about what exactly Reiki healing is and it does remind me somewhat of Buddhism, especially Reiki’s 5 principles.
    Do you actually have to have the gift of healing to be able to perform Reiki or can anyone learn how to do it?
    I found this article rather intriguing. Where are you based now? Ches

    • Hi Ches

      Thank you for your great comment! Reiki can be taught and be learned by anyone through a reiki training course, and that is the beauty of this simple healing technique. I live in Denmark, but in Europe and in North America there are many great practitioners. I hope you’ll have a chance to experience it yourself one day!


  2. I can’t see massage without incense and music, so relaxing. That’s a great list to have for those who want to enter Reiki Massage. Are there a lot of people getting into this type of massage?
    Thanks for this information,
    Peace, Peter!

    • Hi Peter,
      Thank you for your comment! Yes, reiki is very popular more so in the West than in Japan, although it is gaining popularity in Japan too. It is much more gentle and subtle healing method than conventional massage, but just as effective.

  3. Hello!
    Thank you for this information,
    My mom is starting to learn the basics os Reiki and this information will be very usefull to her.
    I think its great that reiki doesnt need too many stuff to be practiced and can help people relax and improve their health.
    Keep up the great work, and thanks again!

    • Hi Santiago,

      Thank you for your great comment and that’s great that your mother is learning reiki! If she has any questions, I’ll be happy to answer. Best wishes to her and to you!

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